Frequently asked Questions


Where can I buy the game?

Right here at the official Zombies, Run! shop. We’re currently pursuing global retail distribution, so if you’d like to see us in your FLGS in the future, ask them to express your interest to their distributors!

Do I need the box to play the game?

Yes, you’ll need a copy of the Zombies, Run! board game box in order to play the game, and to discover all the cool secrets!

My box is missing a card / envelope / figurine. What do I do?

Sorry about that! Please write to with details of what appears to be missing and we will help you out!

Can I play this game more than once / how can I reset the game so that I can start from the beginning?

Yes, you can play this game more than once! The app supports multiple save slots, so each time you choose ‘New Game’, it will start from the beginning in a new save slot. There are instructions here [16 mb] on how you can reset the physical game to start over.

Game Rules

There are some errors in the instructions. Is there a corrected version I can refer to?

Yes, you can see details relating to specific pages in our Errata section. You can also download a PDF [48 mb] with the full corrected instructions.

Do zombies that come out of envelopes get shuffled back into the zombie deck?

Yes. If the app instructed you to add certain zombie cards to the zombie deck, you should always include those cards when you shuffle discarded cards back into the zombie deck. These stronger zombies are the people you couldn’t save, so they’ll pursue you with a vengeance throughout your game!

Do I need to discard a Plan after using it for a Skill Check or Reaction Test?

Yes, any Plan that you successfully use to pass a Skill Check or Reaction Test must be discarded when the check or test is over.


Can I play the same game on a different device / how do I back up my save game?

Yes, you can! Each new game that you start gets its own save slot, which you can load from the app’s main menu. If you are trying to play it on a different device, or if you just want to share it or back it up elsewhere, you can export it. Our save games export as a long bit of text copied to your clipboard.

How do I export a save game?

1. Open 'Manage Saves' from the app's main manu.

2. Scroll to find the save slot of the game that you want to export.

3. Tap on 'Export' next to the slot. This will copy your save game onto your phone's clipboard.

4. You can now paste this into emails, notes etc to send it to us or import onto another device. Save games will work cross-platform, between iOS and Android devices.

How do I import a save game?

1. Copy the text of the savegame in its entirety. It will start with ZRBG and end with ***.

2. Open 'Manage Saves' from the app's main menu.

3. Tap on the ‘Import’ button on the right. If you have a save game copied as per step 1, a message will now display describing the save game and asking you to confirm you want to import the save game.

4. Tap on ‘Import’ to import the save game.

5. The app will return to the ‘Manage Saves’ screen, with your newly imported save game at the top. You will now be able to go ‘Back’ to the main menu and load this save game.

Can I Skip the Tutorial?

Sure! Follow the instructions above to import a save game, using the following save game text:


This save game will place you at the end of the Tutorial “Airport Escape” section of the game, with all characters alive.

Supply Symbol

What do these symbols mean? Do I need to do anything? 

These symbols are supplies that you automatically pick up while you are running. You don’t need to do anything when they display. The number on this symbol shows you how many supplies you have picked up in that instance. The app will show you how many supplies you have when you are at a location. You can use supplies to rest at different locations. Using more supplies allows you to rest more safely and sometimes experience extra positive effects.

I got stuck in a location with no way out, help!

Oops, this is a bug! Please email with the app version you are using, details of the location, how you arrived there and the savegame this happened on.